Winter outfits: Top 5 we have to see before the year is out.

The missed winter outfit opportunities this year can still be rectified. We don’t know about you but has anyone else’s shopping habits gone through the roof in 2020? Whether it’s the incredible discounted sales that we have seen from online retailers or the fact we don’t have much else to do but online shop, the delivery drivers are our new best friends. Hermes, DPD, and Royal Mail are the true Huns of 2020. So anyway we have literally become the saying “All dressed up and nowhere to go”. Well regardless of what tier you find yourself in, we have decided that the show must go on. Every day is a fashion show and these outfits are the piece de resistance before the curtain closes on 2020. Sweats and a large hoodie will not be our Lockdown look. Therefore we have put together our top 5 fave outfits that will be perfect for drinks in a bar, dinner in a restaurant, a day full of Bottomless Brunch, and day drinking. Or if it has to be, your Living Room.

“All dressed up and nowhere to go”

Winter outfit number 1: Tiger Print

@Photo by ana-itonishvili on Unsplash
Channeling our inner Carol Baskin, Tiger print of all variations is a popular outfit choice at the bar this Winter. It works perfectly with an all black outfit whether thats skinny jeans and a top or an LBD. Animal print will always be a timeless statement, and with the world right now, we certainly need our creature comforts.

Winter outfit number 2: Bright colour suits

@Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash
Okay, so it is grey out there and even with the hundreds of Christmas lights thrown over houses and trees, the sun ain’t shining too bright. But when have you ever let a little dull stop your glow. This Christmas, bright colour pop suits are the way forward to make sure you stand out at any bar. Who’s getting served first? You are because you’re the first thing the bar team sees (or because you’re the only one at your Kitchen’s bar).

Winter outfit number 3: 90s Knitwear

woman wearing tight knitted jumper with sunglasses and heans
@Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Well, I guess we’re sick of 2020 so we’re heading back to the ’90s with dressed-down knitwear – perfect for the chill winter vibes forced upon us this year. Pairing the classic tight knit with the likes of leather mini skirts, boyfriend jeans or joggers helps us create an outfit for any occasion. We’ll be looking like the 90s Beyoncé before we know it.

Winter outfit number 4: Fluffy Coats

@Photo by jose-martinez on Unsplash
Shout out to our fellow cold haters. Nothing ruins a good night out than feeling freezing cold, apart from maybe painful heels (no matter how hot they look). And with many of us meeting the gang outside in pub gardens etc right now, this is TOP of our Christmas list this year. The upmost boujee-ness.

Winter outfit number 5: Knitted Dresses

women in knitted dress and heels
This is perfection right about now. The right mixture of class, sexiness, and warmth for this Winter’s activities. Whether that’s at the bar on Christmas Eve, with the family on Christmas Day (it may be at home but let’s make an effort eh), or Bottomless Brunching on New Year’s Eve. With all restaurants and bars closing earlier this year, this outfit is the fashion item of day drinking. Paired with chunky boots and a leather jacket – you’re welcome.

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